GSM Modem Observer

Independence thanks to Swiss SafeLab GSM Modem Observer!

No one wants to miss the independance which is gained by mobile computing. Secure access to sensitive data is required. To meet this need, Swiss SafeLab M.ID Server is used by reputable customers.

For those who want to max the independence Swiss SafeLab GSM Modem Observer is an interessting solution to trigger or control business processes through sms:

  • clock in / clock out through text messages
  • start predefined scripts
  • accept/Decline meetings
  • and much more

No further infrastructure is needed than a GSM Modem and Swiss SafeLab GSM Modem Observer.

Swiss SafeLab GSM Modem Observer does not only support receiving and processing of text messages but also its delivery. Swiss SafeLab GSM Modem Observer contains a XML Web Service which allows other application to send text message over it.

If your needs go beyond don't hesitate and contact us today. We are happy to find a solution which meets your needs.


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Independency thanks to Swiss SafeLab GSM Modem Observer